Death of a Prospector: A Gambling Hall Murder Mystery

denver murder mystery


Set in Denver, 1892, Death of a Prospector is a murder mystery game for a minimum of 8 people. This immersive theater experience is based on actual Colorado history including the Denver Gold Rush and Colorado Silver Boom. All characters are inspired by historic characters, organizations, and events. Characters will gather in a downtown Denver gambling hall to solve the mystery of one of the growing city's prospectors and respected townsmen, Samuel Waters. Players learn how to play Faro, the most popular card game in the Wild West. Character role examples: Cowboy, Innkeeper, Saloon Girl, and more!

Set Contents:

  • Event Invitation
  • Rules
  • Suggested Event Schedule
  • 3 Rounds of Character Information
  • Faro Card Game Betting Board
  • Faro playing card deck
  • Faro betting chips (aka checks)
  • Solution booklet with history timeline, background information, and character inspirations


$ 149.00
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