Hoodie Coozie for Active Bevvers

bottle koozy unzipped


Active wear for bottles!

Toss that boring coozie and enrobe your bottles in leisure/active wear. This versatile hoodie bottle coozie can come to the beach, camping, tailgating and more!

You're an active specimen. Let your beer (or bottle of soda, kombucha, etc) dress the part too. This foam beer holder has a small but usable pouch, drawstrings, and hood to keep your beer cold - and fashionable. Great for camping trips and other scenarios requiring cold beer in a non-arctic environment - keep your drinks cozy yet cold.

Grey hoodie coozie is ideal for bottles but could support a can if you do't mind sipping from its deep V. 

When your bottle coozie holder arrives the material will be used to standing tall and proud - the hood will become more of a floppy, natural sweatshirt hood after a few uses and holding the bottle holder in your hand.

Also called: Beer hoody, beer coozy, stubby holder, stubby hoody, beer runner, beer jogger


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