Alkaline / Ionizing Water Filtration System

Alkaline / Ionizing Water Filtration System

Drinking plenty of water is key to a healthy lifestyle. However, our water supply is treated with chemicals, and plastic bottles are creating an environmental nightmare. Think of this water filtration system as the solution that will provide clean water to you and your family in a sustainable way, while ionizing it at the same time. Tap water contains elements such as chlorine and other byproducts used as disinfectants that influence it pH level, making it more acidic. Pure water has a pH level around 7 (neutral pH). Water pH is increased by adding alkalizing elements such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. By running tap (or filtered) water through this alkaline/ionizing filtration system, water pH is increased to 8.5-9.5, and negative hydroxyl ions lower oxidative reduction potential (ORP) to -200 to -400. 

How it works:

  1. Activated carbon removes chlorine and odor
  2. Ion exchange resins add purification
  3. Negative potential particles increase antioxidant potential
  4. Far infrared ceramic balls mineralize water
  5. Drink and enjoy!
  • Each filter cartridge can alkalize up to 300 liters of water
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Convenience/technology to allow cartridge replacement reminders
  • Durable design that allows for easy cleaning - pitcher is dishwasher safe

*Physical activity, diet, and health conditions may alter pH balance. Please consult your physician to discuss medical claims and your ideal level of alkalinity.

$ 49.99

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