Drink and Do Things

game bars

Read about where to play ping pong, bocce ball, bags, shuffleboard, darts, pool, foosballarcade games, pinball, skeeball, board games like backgammon, chess, and jenga. Find karaoke nights, team trivia, and bingo nights.


Find running and hash clubs, bicycle repair shops serving coffee and beer, breweries with volleyball courts, or juiceries with crossfit clubs. Get a bar to sponsor your rec league team, find a brewery offering yoga classes, or join a winter sports trip.

the arts

Find coffee shops with galleries of local artists, bars with low cost/free live music, open mic nights, stand up comedy, theater performances, or movie theaters with bars. Watch a diva or burlesque show, participate in an adult spelling bee, or find a murder mystery night to join.

family friendly bars

 Find kid friendly and dog friendly bars and restaurants, find venues offering free or low cost private room rental for family events, or a cafe to get some work done while on the go.

byob classes

Work on a new skill at a food and drink class (cooking, cocktails, or homebrewing for example), a fitness class, or arts and crafts.

drinking for a cause

Find where to drink your favorite bevv while supporting causes you care about like the environment, health, education, cultural causes or animals.

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