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Use the filter to pair beer, wine, cocktails and coffee with activities in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 

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Live Music

Find where to have a drink and listen to live music in the North Bay. Read more

Bar Games

Because just sitting at a bar is kinda boring

Get an overview of San Francisco's bars and restaurants with games and entertainment! Read more

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Bags / Cornhole in the Bay

Cornhole, aka dummy boards, bean bag toss, dadhole, doghouse, baggo or bags is a played by tossing little square bean bags at an angled wooden board, hoping to land the bag through the hole or at least stay on board to earn points. 

Bay Area Bocce Ball

Bocce ball was first played in ancient Rome and is derived from the Italian word boccia, to bowl. A game of bocce begins with a player throwing the little ball, commonly called a jack, to the other end of the court. Players then take turns tossing balls to get as close as possible to the jack. You don't have to know jack to play, though, it's an easy game to learn! Given its Italian heritage, one might pair bocce with wine, negronis or Peronis. 

Ping Pong and Beer Pong in SF and Beyond

Ping Pong, aka table tennis, is technically an Olympic sport, but you're more likely to practice in a bar or arcade in San Francisco if you want to pair your pong with a beverage. Some games may turn into beer pong or flip cup if it feels right! 

San Francisco's Foosball Bars

Foosball, aka table soccer takes strong wrists and the attention span/peripheral vision to follow a very fast ball flying through many metal legs. Find foosball tournaments and venues with a table for your next game of foos in SF.

Karaoke in the Bay Area

Some lucky souls are born with serious pipes. Some of us think we have serious pipes after a few cocktails. Whatever your situation, karaoke is a fun group outing or spiritual endeavor to express yourself in song. Karaoke comes in the form of pop-up karaoke nights, full on karaoke bars, or as an accessory to a restaurant. Shy performers may prefer a private karaoke room. We've compiled all of those options here, by day of the week.

SF's Shuffleboard Bars

Shuffleboard is paired nicely with margaritas because they both require salting. Find shuffleboard tables and leagues in the Bay Area.

Pub Trivia in the Bay by Day

You can test your wits (and drink some wits) at several places in the Bay Area. Check out team trivia, themed trivia, movie trivia, geek trivia, music trivia and more!

Pool and Billiards in the Bay

Find pool tables, billiard tournaments, pool leagues, and bars/other venues to play free pool games. Visit this page if you aim to shoot pool in SF and beyond.

Dart Bars and Venues in SF

Join a dart league, compete in a tournament, or fine tune your dirty cricket at these dart bars. If you're looking for dart bars in the Bay Area, this page is a bullseye.

Vintage and Nostalgic Games

As Peter Pan would say, growing up is optional

Board Games and Card Games in the Bay Area

Join a euchre league, play chess, or find a bar/brewery with board and card games. From Battleship to Giant Jenga, this page will help you find your next move.

Bay Area Bowling Lanes

If you can spare a few hours, check out these bowling alleys, bars and other venues to roll ten frames. Only if the mood strikes, though.

Arcade and Video Games in San Francisco

Bars have more than Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter these days. Find barcades, beercades, and other places (including coffee shops) with arcade and video games in the Bay..

Play Pinball in SF

Browse pinball tournaments and other places to play pinball. You'll flip for these places.

Play Skeeball in the Bay Area

Browse skeeball machines and leagues.

SF Bingo Nights

Chances of winning the lottery: next to none. Test your luck at these bingo halls and bingo nights, by day of the week.



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