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Bevver.com is a way for beverage lovers, aka Bevvers, to search for bars, breweries, restaurants, and other venues that also have games or other activities. Current directory/search engine sites (Google, Yelp) are keyword-driven. Bevver's venues have been verified to have the activities listed, and we do our best with our business pages to show you examples of other Bevvers enjoying those activities! 

Bevver's Mission

The mission of Bevver.com is to help Bevvers go out and enjoy a good drink while also enjoying an activity. Drinking is ideally a social activity, and bonding with friends over a friendly game, music, or other interest not only strengthens social bonds but helps Bevvers drink in a more healthy, moderated way. Bevvers can use this site to search for activities and interests nearby such as games, sports, art, music, or coffee shops/bars that help non-profits in the community.

Bevver, pairing beverages with activities

Whether you want to sip coffee and play chess, try your luck at pub trivia, listen to live music, or drink for a cause, we strive to quench your thirsts in life. Consider Bevver your new navigational beacons. Have a favorite place to suggest? Send us your favorites!

We love feedback and suggestions about your experience and how we can provide a better resource for you. While pairing tastes and interests is our main gig, we also have an online store where you can accessorize and support us.

Our mission is to be an online resource that helps 'bevvers' keep a good drink in hand while supporting the causes, interests, and brands they love. Bevver is the first online forum dedicated to drinking that isn't alcohol-only and isn't food-focused. Furthermore, Bevver is the only curated site dedicated to matching Bevvers with the activities and interests they enjoy.

Sometimes we overuse puns - for the web developers out there, this site has a liquid theme...As a new site we have a lot brewing, so please email us about content posted and resources/information you'd like to see. If you get lost or can't find what you're looking for, stop in at the local search bar! Thanks for visiting, and keep up with what's on tap by becoming a member - Members not only get news and access to partner deals, but also free shipping on all items in the Bevv Shop! 

A good bevv is the perfect accessory to life's activities. Whether you're a tea lover, teetotaler, whiskey connoisseur et al, Bevver can connect your tastes to experiences like art, music, comedy, travel, gaming, and more. 

This site contains an ecommerce store and some of our blog posts, buyer's guides and advertisements with 3rd parties provide us with bevv money in return for clicks and/or purchases on partner websites. Some content discusses alcoholic beverages, and readers are advised to consume alcohol responsibly and only when of legal drinking age. 

Please view our full privacy policy here.

page updated February 3, 2017 

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