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Booze Delivery Around the World

December 05, 2016

Updated January 15, 2017 Photo: How to Send Someone a Drink Anywhere, from Anywhere Sending a small, thoughtful gesture like a good drink doesn’t have to be a Starbucks card or a Coke. The world of technology (and in some cases the law) has opened the floodgates for ways to send someone a beverage from afar to show you care when you’re not there. Don’t succumb to a generic gift card in the grocery store checkout aisle that will just get posted on Raise - you can send cash easily with Venmo. Here are ways to send a liquid gesture to friends, colleagues...

Boozy (and other Beverage) Advent Calendars for Your Holiday Countdown

November 28, 2016

We're making a list, Checking it twice, Gonna find out which Are totties vs. iced! Advent calendars are a fun way to countdown to Christmas, why not spice up your countdown with your favorite bevv? Related: Send someone a drink from anywhere in the world USA BrwBox is a holiday craft beer calendar available in Oregon, Washington, San Francisco and Chicago. Sample 24 beers from Goose Island, Golden Road, Kona Brewing, Red Hook, and Widmer Brothers. Check their online availability using their search tool, calendars are shipped by local distributors. Vinebox has curated the 12 Nights of Wine holiday wine...

The Bevver's Guide to Copenhagen

November 17, 2016

Updated January 27, 2017 When you decide to visit the capital of Denmark, several questions likely come to mind. Where can I drink a meat infused cocktail? Where would I find coffee cheese? Where can I drink beer and choose from over a thousand board games? Eating food inspired by art in a nearby gallery, drinking tea-infused cocktails from a kettle, DIY marshmallow roasting, and playing pinball while listening to rock music are just a sampling of your options. That’s why we’ve created the Bevver’s guide to Copenhagen. The Danes have a term called Hygge, which loosely translates into coziness or...

The Dil Pickle Club, Chicago's First Speakeasy

October 19, 2016

Updated January  26, 2017 Bohemians Gathered Here The Dil Pickle Club, founded by John A. James, was a not-so-secret society that gathered once a week in a Gold Coast venue in Tooker Alley. This continuous gathering of Bohemians evolved into an actual club, and during prohibition, also served as a speakeasy. A sign above the door read 'Danger: Step high, stoop low, leave your dignity outside.' Photo: Newberry Library According to an article from the Newberry Library, Jones spent many hours researching industrial organization at the Gold Coast club. Artists, poets, renowned writers, hobos, anarchists - all gathered at the...

The Chicago Handshake, Deconstructed

May 05, 2016

Updated March 14, 2017 The Chicago Handshake isn't just any windy city greeting. The handshake is a gesture used for introductions, as well as for finalizing business. In Chicago bars, the handshake is an introduction to a bit of Chicago's beverage history. What is Malört? Jeppson's Malört is a wormwood-based Swedish style schnapps also known as beskbrännvin, or besk for short. Malört is Chicago's original besk, introduced by Carl Jeppson. Jeppson immigrated from Ystad, Skåne, and legally sold his besk to bars as a medicinal spirit during prohibition. Enthusiasts can find bars serving using this handy Malört map. If you're a superfan, consider getting a serving gun: When at...

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